Frequently Asked Questions

We've got answers below to common questions about our sleep mask

Yes, you can hand wash with mild soap or shampoo.

DO NOT use washing machine, Gentle hand wash is permitted.
DO NOT use water above 40℃ (104°F), do not use chlorine bleach absolutely.
DO NOT use the dryer/ iron to wash the eye mask, it may cause shape collapse and damage.

Our Sleep Mask is made of extremely breathable and flimsy cotton material therefore it gives real soft touch feeling like baby’s skin. The 3D eye sockets are wider and deeper, so no pressure at all on your eyeballs too and it doesn’t make your face hot and itchy.

Yes it is. Our customers are happily using our Sleep Mask and enjoying relaxed sleeping experience with it.

No. It only comes in Gray/Black combination design, which is the most suitable color considering the nature of the product.

Our Sleep Mask blacks out all light, even during the daytime.

Yes! It can fit all head sizes comfortably with the help of its adjustable strap.

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